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dr. jim carey

Hi, I’m Jim Carey. I’ve been in the computer business since the 1970s. That’s before the personal computer and long before the Internet and websites. Over the decades I’ve been a computer consultant to 49 countries and to many US government agencies. Click here for my resume.

I’ve owned these three domains,, and since 2002. Actually I bought them in the early ’90s, then accidentally let them expire and lucked out in getting them back.

They’ve been used for a bunch of stuff over the years. I found ways they could work together in various forms of e-commerce.

At one time I simply used them to promote my computer tech services, with .net and .org redirecting to .com so I didn’t have to worry about competition riding my coattails.

Later I started a paid subscription website for health and fitness videos, hosted with Company #1 that offered a simple, templated billing solution, but because of their bandwidth limits and costs I hosted the videos I was serving up on Company #2. Meanwhile, I had a blog and subscription service hosted on Company #3, that advertised and recommended the services of Company #1. That is: attracted the subscriber base with topical content and a newsletter, and ran ads encouraging people to subscribe to Then served up the videos – and the bandwidth – to the customers. The customers, if they noticed, wouldn’t see any potential conflicts or issues because it was all JCarey. It was sweet because each site was hosted where it was the most cost-effective.

Then Netflix, Hulu and all the rest came along… and left me in the dust. Dammit! LOL

I’ve done other things with them over the years, but my personal websites are now at and I never could get ahold of Dammit again! LOL

But as I approach my 70th birthday it’s time for me to start letting go of the scores of domain names and websites I own.

These three urls have a value because Google gives weight to longevity, regardless of whatever the content was, is or will be. We can make the transfer in such a way that it won’t matter to Google and other website rankings.

And if you’ve read this far it’s because you see a value in the JCarey branding to yourself or someone you know.

Here are some stats that you’ll want:



Together the three have been generating 27,000 visitors/year and 33,000 pages served; 90 pages to 74 visitors per day, or 1.2 pages per visitor. With no advertising – all traffic is either direct or search.

Webalyzer Traffic Stats – click

Traffic was higher – much higher – when the sites had new content on a regular basis. Another of my websites, generates over 1600 visitors a day at 5 pgs./ per visitor – because it has lots of new content daily.

The appraised values of .net and .org are low because they’ve not had any content of their own in over seven years. They’ve just been redirecting to

Appraised Values

Total Appraised Value = $2700

x The Value as a Set of Three = x2 x3 x4 x5

= The Total Value = $12,000+

Appraisal Criteria

Here are a few of the considerations when evaluating and choosing a domain name:

It’s a Short Name

JCarey – 6 characters. All the marketing experts say a short name is better for domain names.

.com vs. all other extensions

Have you done it? I have. Typed someone’s domain name as .com when it was something else? That’s the problem with my personal website, Even I sometimes type because of the .com habit.

The com is king. It’s good to be the com.


I’ve owned these three names continuously since 2002. That’s 17 years. Google thinks highly of that and ups your score. A lot.

Value of Existing Traffic

These three sites still get over 25 visitors a day, even though the content they originally contained is gone. How much would you have to pay Google Ads for 25 visitors a day? Or Facebook?

My website is valued at $200,000 because it generates so much traffic.

How much is a domain name worth?

“The real question is not how much a domain name costs, but how much value the right domain name can bring to your business.”
– Business Insider

Here’s the link: Business Insider Magazine report on buying a domain name.

Asking Price

I’m asking $4,995.

Payment Plan

If you require a payment plan, that’s a possibility.


In the end it’s up to you. What do you think it’s worth, to you?

Contact me with reasonable offers and proposals at, or text me at 808-268-6480.